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Trees everywhere!

Hey guys its Riley. I am back! So, as the title of this post suggests, once we bought our first home and the dust settled, it was time to do work! Since we are in the country and the house was a foreclosure, there was no shortage of work to be done. The first thing we noticed after the initial purchase were the countless amount of trees on the property. Some of which were leaning, Some were dead, some were just eyesores. There was one specific tree that bordered our prioperty with the neighbors that appeared like it would be dying soon and needed to be taken care of. What was very nice to find out was that our neighbors turned out to be very very nice, and offered to chip in for the removal – actually, split the cost. We were very grateful for this notion as buying a property left us relatively broke. Anyway, along with this leaning tree, was a fallen apple tree and a huge dying tree in the front yard. We’ve called many different tree places but it was my buddy pete at scranton tree that finally had the most reasonable rates- check him out if you are ever in need at www.scrantontree.com . He came over, gave us an estimate that was reasonable, came quickly and on time. His truck was noticeably leaking some oil so he and his crew ended up putting tarp down on the drive way so it would catch the oil. They are a great bunch of guys. Anyway, not only did they cut the trees down, they took everything with them, and left our property just as it was prior… just … treeless. That was my first adult experience with a tree company and it was a good one. It did bring back memories of my childhood when a tree fell on my house, however… YIKES. I remember playing video games and watching this tree fall into the house.. Ok I am rambling. The main take away of this post – plan for spending a few extra unplanned dollars for unplanned events when buying your first home. There are hidden costs not only in regard to the bank loan. Do your due diligence and inspect the property properly.

Thanks for reading you guys.


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