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Hey guys! Ry here, back with the latest installment of the house renovation. This time we will be talking about the best part of my home project thus far – DEMOLITION! lets face it, theres nothing better than coming home after a long, boring day, and smashing stuff! Its a tremendous stress reliever- and actually was therapeutic for me. Now, there was a ton of demolition to do, mostly because we were gutting the house from top to bottom, first floor, second floor and basement. We had help from a fantastic architect who basically re-mapped the entire structure, moving the kitchen, bathrooms and adding closets and a master bedroom on the first floor. in addition to all of the walls we were knocking down, we also had to destroy a fireplace and move a wood stove! That thing was heavy. when it came down to it, the house pretty much looked like the one below…


Crazy, right? Ok so it wasn’t exactly THAT dramatic but, still. We spent over a week demolishing walls and knocking down beams. So, what happened next? we went over budget of course… Well not totally over budget. See, our budget was broken down into “draws” so they say. One part of the first draw was demolition and money for a dumpster rental. We actually allotted for 2 full size roll of dumpsters… this was a joke, as we are STILL after a year, renting dumpsters. I’ll tell you one thing, my buddy pete at www.dumpsternepa.com really reaped the benefits of my home renovation. I am pretty sure we are on dumpster number 6, and counting. He did happen to cut the price down for me and let me keep the containers for longer, which was nice. But they aren’t Cheap! These things not only cost money to rent, but if you are “overweight” they charge per ton! Needless to say, we had some extra money that we had to dish out for when we demo-ed the brick fireplace. All in all, demo week went well. I took off of work that week and had a ton of help from my dad and friends. This was the start of the fun! busting everything down to a blank slate. Now, time to rebuild…

Thanks for reading. I look forward to writing more later!!


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